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We Aim to Please. We Create, Curate and Collate exclusively great Entertainment Packages just for You

Vogue Entertainment offer full-service entertainment and event consultation company, we partner with numerous talents, entertainers and collaborate with various entities to bring you the best in the event and entertainment industry at large.

In two major categories

IJEBU VOGUE AWARDS is an initiative to appreciate the efforts of Artiste, Producers, Disk Jokeys, Dancers, Master of Ceremonies and Hype men that has contributed to the entertainment section of Ijebu as a whole,
This is an award we setup to be coming up every year, we want it to storm ijebu as we planned it the bigger way everytime.

VOGUE ENTERTAINMENT took time to gather all this talents for years and are always nominated based on their categories of effort and abilities in their Genre/Style of music, presently we have more than 250 ijebu Entertainers on our platform both well-known and the upcoming ones.

BIG ZADDY HOUSE is the First Reality Game Show in Ogun State staged at all the cities in Ogun State having participants both in Ogun state and outside ogun state, the Registration comes first for all participants, online Audition for all participants and thereafter we will have a voting process to have selected housemates that will be in the Big Zaddy House for a week.

The Winner out of the selected housemates will be going home with N200,000.00 cash prize and a trip to La Manga Beach Resort Villa, the First Runner up will be going home with N100,000.00 cash prize while the Second Runner up will be going home with N50,000.00 cash prize which will make a total of N350,000.00

Ijebu Vogue Awards

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Big Zaddy House

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We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“The event was awesome for real. I love the bouncers, ushers, designs.. especially the stage(it was lit)... The whole food vendor idea was really awesome”

Mali CruzHype Man

“It is a Great Event, I see IVA as TOP award in coming years like headies,soundcity award etc”


“This is Indeed the Biggest and Loudest best Event so far In Ogun State.”

D BrownArtist


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